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Priestess Sakuya by darkangel1008
Priestess Sakuya
A character I made on Fire Emblem Fates~

Fire Emblem Fates belongs to Nintendo and Intelligence Systems~

I'm not sure what to file it on, sorry... ^^'
Mithostar IRL: Miyuki and Yuri by darkangel1008
Mithostar IRL: Miyuki and Yuri
I seem to have lost the base for this, soooo if you know whose base I used, please let me know so I can properly credit them~

If you're the base maker, sorry... ^^'
Login- 2 (POV: Yato)

Getting to the Mirage Village, the two of us looked around. It seemed to be quite the ghost town, though I didn't remember programing it like that. It was supposed to be a bustling town, that appeared randomly as an event. The fact that it was reduced to a ghost town was strange.
Inari grabbed my hand a bit tighter, she seemed a bit scared or nervous. "Compare to the other parts of the game we were in, this seems very creepy... There isn't even any music playing like in the other areas so far..." Inari trailed off.
"Well it isn't supposed to be like this. I... Ummmm... mean in the guide it says that 'Mirage Village' is supposed to be very active." I stated, spotting a girl with blonde hair.
"Where did they get to...?" The girl asked aloud. She had a pair of fairy wings, fluttering behind her. Though it didn't look like they were attached to her back.
Inari ran up to her, and I  followed close behind her. We didn't know what was going on or if it was a trap. I activated my out of battle skill of 'Tracking Vision' to keep an eye out for other players or monsters that may try to get us. "Inari, be careful. We don't know what's going on." I told her as I grabbed her hand and scanning the area with my glowing eyes.
Inari turned to look at me. Her greenish-blue eyes seemed to stare into my very being. Her pink and purple ponytail blew in the wind. Her white furred ears, tipped with pink twitched a little in anger I assumed. "She looks scared and lost! Besides she seems very gentle and caring! Don't you think we should help her, Yato?" The Kitsune girl said, her fox ears flopping down a little. I let out a sigh, walking up to the fairy like girl.
"Excuse me, but what seems to be the problem?" I asked her. She seemed to jump at the sound of my voice.
"You look like you're looking for someone or someting, maybe we could help!" Inari added, smiling at the girl.
She seemed a bit hessitant to talk to us. She looked around in a bit of a panic, before turning her attention back to us. "Well... I seemed to have lost my party! They disappeared when the townsfolk did! But... I suppose that sounds far fetched... It did to the other players that walked by that I asked for help. They all just ignored me and laughed..." The girl explained.
"Did you try the party tracker option in your menu? See, once you form a party, a 'Party Status' option shows up in another menu, that shows up when you form a party." I questioned, pulling up the 'Party Status' menu to show her how to do it.
Inari looked amazed at the new menu and a bit annoyed. Probably since there was a whole new menu she had to learn about. She followed what I did to pull up her own. The fairy like girl did the same thing. "Jeez... So many menus and menu options!" She complained a bit.
"My party members aren't showing up on here..." She said a bit upset.
I took a closer look at her menu, there was a little noticed I could see with my ability activated. It stated, 'Party disbanded, invites disabled.' Letting out another sigh, I sent her an invite to the party Inari and I had. It seemed like the party she had been in, used her for whatever they wanted, then dropped her when they found someone better or used her to get an item that would only spawn with her class. On top of that, it seemed like they may have hacked into her menu so she couldn't form a party on her own. I guess it was in case they needed her class for a drop again.
The fairy girl jumped a little at the sudden 'Notice' that popped up, inviting her to our party. When she realized what it was, she smiled and pressed the 'Yes' option. Inari smiled at my gestered to the girl to join our party. "So you do really care about her problem! Guess you don't think she's a threat anymore." Inari whispered to me. Blushing slightly, I replied, "You were right! I should have listened to you!" I smiled back. Clicking back into the party menu, I could finally see the girl's name and stats.
"Thank you for the invite, my name is Miyu!" The fairy girl thanked, walking up to shake our hands. Though she seemed to trip. Inari helped her off the ground while I looked at Miyu's stats. A chest seemed to spawn where she tripped.
"Oh, you found something! I wonder what it is!" Inari commented as they opened up the chest.
"That happens to me a lot for some reason! It usual has a rare item in it! Like this one has... Oh, some S-Ranked ingrediet!" Miyu smiled, as she clicked it to store in her inventory. "We'll have to cook it sometime!"
'Seems like she has very high luck, but low skill. She also has a high cooking skill already. As I thought, she's a Fairy Angel. That's a healing class, which stradgey wise, is good for us. Though this low skill will make her very clumsy. Her out of battle skill is called 'Treasure Tracker', meaning she can find hidden treasures. Her personal battle skill seems to be something called... Sacrifice...?! Oh gosh... That means she'll knocked herself out to heal party members Health Points and Status Allignment! Hopefully she doesn't accidently use that...' I thought to myself as I clicked on Inari's stats next. 'Hmmmmm... High skill, that makes her pretty balanced and better with her bow. Her defense is a bit low, but with the high speed, she'll be fine. For her out of battle skill, Inari has 'Enemy Repel', where we can activate it to make it less likely to get into a monster attack. She has Holy Arrow for her in battle skill. That summons arrows made of light to rain down on enemies.'
The ground started to shake, as I closed the menu. Level wise, all players started at Level 50 to make it a bit easier for them to clear the first couple dungeons, so they could focus on leveling up skills. The three of us looked around to locate what was going on. A huge, bug like monster crushed some of the houses in the village as it came towards us. That wasn't the supposed to be the boss of the area, it was supposed to be a bear like monster. We were supposed to do a sidequest, event before getting to the boss anyway. The intro of the boss was the same as a regular boss too. It's name and level appeared above it's head like normal. It read, 'GrimDraco- Level 100' And on closer look, it was a Dragon Bug monster. I hadn't program that. It seemed to have patches of red and fur on it's green scaled muzzle. Along it's long, body, areas of missing code was seen as well.
"I g-guess this thing is a boss!" Miyu said, pulling out an ornate staff, that was silver and had an angel statue holding a light blue orb.
"It's a bit big and gross looking!" Inari stated, pulling out a wooden bow. A golden vine was wrapped around the bow part and a pink, gem flowers appeared close to the center of it on the top and bottom. There were no arrows or string on it though.
I pulled my shining, black blade off my back. It had gold trimming on it and looked ornate. Some blue flames appeared around it, since that was part of it. "Be very careful, this isn't in the game guide..." I warned the other party members. They gave me a concerned look now.
GrimDraco, wasted no time swiping it's claw at us. All three of us dodged it. Inari pulled an invislbe string back, forming a pink arrow made of light. She let the arrow fly out of her grasp, hitting it in the eye. The dragon bug roared in pain. Swiping at her, but Miyu tripped into her, causing her to fall to the ground, making the attack miss. I hopped on the arm, running up to hit the light arrow with my sword to go into it's eye deeper. Another roar of pain.
"This seems pretty easy, considering we're under level!" Miyu commented, getting up and dusting her white cloak, with blue trimming.
"That's soooo true!" Inari agreed, sending more light arrows flying. All seemed to hit. The health gague of GrimDraco was going down. I shot some of the blue flames at it too. Miyu casted some light blue bubbles that slowed it down more, before casting a spell that summoned falling starts from the sky.
After what seemed like an hour, we got the boss's Health Points finally got into the red.
"It looks like we're almost done here!" I sated to the two females in the party. My tail wagged in excitement, as the battle was almost over. The other two cheered. Then the monster's scales turned red... A claw connected an attack on Miyu, causing her Health Points to drop to 1. She fell over in pain.
"Miyu! What happened?!" Inari yelled, running over to our fallen friend. I covered both of them as I slashed at the claws going for them.
"Gah! That really hurt... I thougt we couldn''t feel attacks..." Miyu said weakly. Inari pulled out one of her Potions, letting Miyu drink it to heal her Health Points. It was a bit of a low level one, so it only healed half of her gague. She was able to stand now, using a spell to heal all of the party members.
"Are you both ok?!" I asked them, getting a nod and smile from both of them.
After a few more minutes, it didn't seem like we could do anymore damage to the boss, no matter how many times we hit it. Then it roared, causing the Health Points of Inari and I to hit 1. We fell to the ground in pain, we felt really weak.
"I s-see what Miyu meant now..." Inari trailed off in pain.
"Darn it... Why does that hurt so much...?" I asked out loud, throwing my arms around Inari, to protect her from any incoming attacks.
Though, the attack seemed to miss Miyu. Miyu started to panic, now that her party members were down, just like she was. Another attack was about to hit us and we were too weak to dodge, with Miyu trying to stop it. An earthquake was set off, seperating us from our healer and knocking the dragon off balance briefly. It came back for another attack that i was bracing us for, but Miyu flew in front of it.
"I won't allow you to hurt my friends anymore, you... You... Bully!" Miyu yelled at the bug dragon. Her wings started to glow a bright, light blue. Lasers shot from them, consuming the dragon. Code appeared, getting sucked into the wings then into Miyu, making her body glow. An aura surrounded her, radianting towards Inari and I. We were instanlty healed. Then the glow seemed to travel towards her heart as she released a small, light blue orb from her body. The orb was then tranformed into a crystal like thing.
Inari and I stood up, looking at the Fairy Angel with amazement. The crystal floated into her hands as the glowing stopped. A huge smile found it's way across her face. "I reall saved you two! And we got a Star Fragement too!" Miyu cheered. The earth under us regenerated from the last of the glow.
"That was very amazing, Miyu! How did you do that?!" Inari asked, very impressed as she hugged her. Her tail went wild.
"You really saved us back there! But, how did you do that?" I asked, I didn't remember programing any of that into the game. Though I patted her head as a thanks.
Mithostar Beta- Login 2
Here's the next part of the story :iconevilprincess1993: and I are working on~ This time introducing the healer of the party, Miyu~

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